Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chicks, Seedlings, and Other Updates

     I'm back. I missed a week of posting because I was busy with goat school last weekend. For anyone wanting to know more about raising goats, whether it's for dairy, meat, or fiber, I would highly recommend going to Stony Knolls Farm's goat school. Anyway, things are progressing here despite the never-ending rain. The chicks are growing rapidly, and I think we're going to have to start calling them chickens soon. If the weather cooperates, we'll try to move them outside next week, which I'm sure they'll appreciate; they fly out and run around the office as soon as I lift the lid to their brooder.

    The seedlings are doing well for the most part. The Amish paste tomatoes were a bust, but I have five moskvitch tomato plants and two cherry tomato plants that are coming along nicely. I have some pumpkin seedlings that are huge so I'm hoping the rain stops and summer starts, which will allow me to start hardening these seedlings off to plant outside. I don't know why I started pumpkins indoors, because they could definitely have been direct sown; I just like planting things. I did direct sow an heirloom lettuce, spinach, and peas this week so I feel like it's really gardening season.

    The husband and I started doing some landscaping in the front of the house this weekend. We got a whole bed done before rain drove us inside. There's something about getting a bed weed free and laying down a fresh layer of bark mulch that feels so good and productive. Here's hoping next weekend brings nice weather for gardening.

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