Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy.

     What an insanely busy weekend! I volunteered for potato planting day at a local organic farm this Saturday and, let me tell you, digging trenches with a garden hoe is a lot more work than I could possibly have imagined. Being bent over, lifting heavy buckets of potatoes, and walking across a field, planting for three hours wasn't a cake walk either. All of the grumbling aside, it was a fun learning experience and a satisfying way to spend a Saturday morning. Then the husband and I went to Home Depot and spent a boat load of money on lumber for four more raised beds. Of course, doggies needed to be walked and chicks cared for on top of all this.
     My plan was to get housework done, flower gardens organized, and raised beds made on Sunday. Not even close. I had to go to the local gardening center to order loam and compost to be delivered, but I wasn't the only person with this bright idea on one of our first really nice weekends, so I stood in line for what seemed like ever before I got to order. Then it was off to buy groceries where, again, I wasn't the only one. I finally got home well after noon.
     The day was so nice that I decided to bring the chicks outside and introduce them to their hen house and run. I put them in the hen house and waited for them to mosey on down the walk into the run. They didn't. They all scurried over into the corner and huddled close together, so I had to give them a little nudge outside. Once out there, they took right to it, pecking in the grass, walking around, peeping and pooping (of course). At one point, one of the Rhode Island Reds actually picked a worm out of the ground. When the other chicks came over to investigate, she took off, trying to keep the find all to herself. It's pretty hilarious to see a chick run full steam with a worm dangling out of her beak. Eventually, one of the other chicks got a hold of the end of the worm and a tug of war ensued until the worm was torn in half and they each got some. They're only about three weeks old, so I took them in after a couple hours. It will be nice to be able to keep them outside so they have more space to roam.

     Meanwhile, the husband insisted that I learn how to use the power saw and screw gun so that I could help him put the beds together. It was another good learning experience (who knew using a screw gun required so much muscle?), and I was glad to be able to help him since he's always helping me.

This deeper bed will be good for carrots and onions.

The pointed ends help keep them anchored and allow us to hammer each side as much as we need. Then we use weed paper on the inside so that we don't have to dig out the grass.
     Needless to say, it was a busy weekend. I went to sleep Sunday exhausted and with sore muscles. It was a little preview as to what it will be like to be a farmer.

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