Saturday, April 23, 2011

Single Serving Brownie

Throw ingredients in a mug, put in the microwave, and enjoy!
This may be the greatest discovery ever made. The wheel? Lame! Penicillin? Big deal! Blood transfusion? Didn't work out in the end for Lucy in Dracula
, so I don't trust it. I'm talking about the Single Serving Microwave Brownie from It is amazing! This recipe is especially wonderful if, like me, you prefer warm, chocolate, puddingy brownies. The recipe says that 60 seconds in the microwave will give you the more gooey, brownie on top and pudding on bottom type brownie. 75 seconds will give you a more uniformly cooked brownie. I can vouch for  the 60 second method, but have yet to try the 75 second method. It requires no milk or eggs, so chances are you'll have everything on hand when the craving strikes (a daily occurrence in my case). It's beyond easy, always a plus, and the fact that it's single serving allows you to indulge without the danger of eating an entire pan of brownies in one sitting (not that I've ever done that. . .). Fire up your microwave and enjoy! Click here to go to the recipe page on

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