Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Chicks Have Landed!

     We've got the chicks! There are 6 all together, three Rhode Island Reds and two Barred Plymouth Rocks. The Chantecler breeders fell through so the rare breeds will have to wait. The little guys, or gals I should say, that we got are adorable, as is the constant peeping they make (not sure how the husband is going to deal with that in the middle of the night). They will be with my mother until the end of the week and then they'll be here with me. Her house is quite toasty because of the wood stove they use, so they don't even need the heat lamp at the moment. They will definitely need it at my house. Said mother will be coming over this week to help set up the hen house and run. Considering that, combined, we have less than no building skills, it will certainly be interesting. Anyway, enjoy these pictures I took of the chicks with my cell phone.

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