Sunday, September 25, 2011

Using the Harvest and Eggs

   One of the highlights of the last couple weeks has been getting my first eggs! At first the hens started laying one every other day, but now they're laying two every day. Eventually, I expect to be getting around four eggs per day. Getting my own eggs is exciting not only because I like eggs, but because it means I'm producing my own vegetables and protein; add a grain and I'll have broken free of the grocery store's iron grip (OK,maybe an exaggeration). There's also the added benefit of having eggs that taste amazing. Store bought eggs are watery and flavorless. These eggs are fresh, they stay together when cracked into a pan, the yolks are a vibrant yellow (almost orange), and they actually have flavor. No need to smother them in ketchup. 

     While the garden has stopped growing, harvesting and preserving is in full swing. I've spent the past couple of weeks making curried apple and tomato chutney and batches of tomato basil soup with moskvitch tomatoes from just two plants. I've also been snacking on heirloom pear cherry tomatoes and finding uses for a few stray moskvitch tomatoes that ripened late but didn't amount to a full recipe (i.e. chopped tomato to top off chipotle chicken tacos). I'm also in the process of harvesting and drying Vermont cranberry beans, of which I have had quite a harvest. 
Tomato basil soup.

Vermont cranberry beans drying in their pods.


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